Marketing Comic books based on Ugandan cultures

Uganda Cultures made into illustrated books

Marketing Comic books based on Ugandan cultures


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Paulette Comics
Paulette Comics

Unlike popular culture comics that revolve around the prowess of fictitious superheroes, our comics dwell mainly on the different cultures in the country. Being that Uganda has people from different backgrounds who speak different languages, each one of them has a story or heroic personality that the tribe identifies with. These stories and personalities are central to the existence and origin of the tribes.

Given that African traditional orature, that used to preserve the cultural customs and cultures of communities, is an almost dead art, these comics become relevant playing the role that orature used to play. The readers will be able learn about their heritage and have a sense of identity. We seek to merge comic book illustrations with the historic cultural content of the tribes crafted into interesting stories that will be fun to read while at the same time preserving the cultural identities of the tribes.

Over the years, the dissemination of this information and cultural knowledge down to the younger generations has become more and more strained largely due to the advent of social media and advancement in digital technology that has dealt a death blow to the reading culture. Therefore, because comics have colourful interesting pictures and take a relatively shorter time to read, they are likely to be given attention more than an actual book. The reading culture in Uganda is poor at best. These books are crucial in the sense that they will spark interest in reading again given the fact that they will be backed by interesting illustrations. It goes without saying that promoting reading brings with it inherent advantages like improving the vocabulary and comprehension abilities of the readers while widening their scope of knowledge of their culture.

Our concept merges the visual art of comic books with the written words while making sure that the cultural heritage of the indigenous tribes is preserved. This makes it the first of its kind, that uses this style to repackage the tales that have been in the different societies for many years. Important to note also is the fact that while the books appear in comic book style, they handle content that cuts across all ages and education levels. What this implies is that majority of the people can enjoy them.

On a purely financial level, creation of these comic books create employment for people in our communities. Researchers, story tellers, script writers, illustrators, and editors are all key in making the books a reality.

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