Stand with Julius Ssekitoleko


Stand with Julius Ssekitoleko

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Walter Mwesigye
Walter Mwesigye

Julius Ssekitoleko (in picture) is a Ugandan athlete (weight lifter) who failed to qualify for the on going Olympics in Japan. He didn't qualify, left his camp and a note saying he was seeking employment in Japan and wouldn't want to return to Uganda.

Days later the Uganda and Japanese governments agreed to hunt him down and return him home. Ssekitoleko handed himself to the Japanese authorities. 

On 23rd he was returned to Uganda where the Police arrested him.

Ssekitoleko doesn't need arrest because he can still make it in his career. He needs financial help, legal advice and counselling.

This money collected here will be handed to him/his family for him to have a starting point since he was evicted from his rented house and has an expectant spouse.

I am only collecting it on his behalf and once he is released from police custody, it will be handed to him.

Thank you.



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Aine Tindi

Anonymous donated UGX 52,000.

1 month, 4 weeks ago


Good luck

2 months ago
Chuck Mo

Anonymous donated UGX 40,000.

Your countrymen will stand with you though the government fails you. Isaiah 56:10-12

2 months ago

Anonymous donated UGX 10,000.

Be strong, pray to God and trust in him for strength. This is part of the story of your life that you have to go through to get somewhere that the Lord has planned for you. It's to make you stronger.

2 months ago
Raymond Ssedagala

Raymond Ssedagala donated UGX 5,000.

2 months ago
Kit Jonathan

Anonymous donated UGX 10,000.

God will bless you

2 months ago
Audrey Dralega

Audrey Dralega donated UGX 100,000.

2 months ago
Esther Kalenzi

Esther Kalenzi donated UGX 20,000.

2 months ago
Anonymous Mule

Anonymous Mule donated UGX 50,000.

We're rooting for you Ssekitoleko!

2 months ago
Kevin D'Arbela

Anonymous donated UGX 20,000.

We stand with you!

2 months ago
Gemma Namuleme

Gemma Namuleme donated UGX 50,000.

wishing Julius a better sustainable life ahead

2 months ago
Agnes Kiconco

Anonymous donated UGX 5,000.

2 months ago
Hillary bamulinde

Hillary bamulinde donated UGX 50,000.

2 months ago
Dodo Teri

Anonymous donated UGX 50,000.

Hi Sekitoleko, we are in this together. Yo are all of the Ugandan youth.

2 months ago
Carolyne Amuge

Anonymous donated UGX 40,000.

May Julius get all the support he needs. Thank you, Walter, for standing with him.

2 months ago