Be the Change: Join Hands to Support 50 Children in M&S Foundation.

From Darkness to Hope: The M&S Foundation Story

Be the Change: Join Hands to Support 50 Children in M&S Foundation.

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Matte Shafic
Matte Shafic

My name is Matte Shafic, and the year 2011 stole my childhood. A car accident took away my parents, leaving me orphaned at the tender age of 12. Hunger gnawed at my belly, and the cold seeped into my bones with no roof over my head. The world felt like a vast, uncaring place.

But even in the deepest darkness, a flicker of hope can ignite a fire. In 2023, that flicker became the M&S Foundation: Building a Brighter Future for Children.

Having known the crushing weight of loneliness and despair, I couldn't bear to see others face the same fate. The M&S Foundation is my way of reaching out, of offering a hand to 50 children who, like me, have lost their parents.

These children, brimming with potential, are our future. Twenty-three of them chase their dreams in primary school, while ten others bravely navigate the challenges of secondary education. Every day, I see their determination, their thirst for knowledge, but the burden of school fees weighs heavily on my heart. As their sole caregiver, the responsibility feels immense.

That's why we need your help. With a fundraising goal of $6000, we can create a safe haven for these children.

$2000 will secure a comfortable and secure rented home, a place where they can feel safe and loved.

$1500 will ensure that no child's education is stalled by financial constraints. Every penny will go towards covering their school fees.

$1500 will fill their bellies with nourishing food, provide them with decent clothes, and address the essential needs of our girls.

But beyond basic necessities, we yearn to nurture their spirits.

$1000 will fund activities in music, dance, and comedy.

These activities are more than just entertainment; they are a source of joy, a release from stress, and even a small source of income.

The creative spark within these children allows them to express themselves, to find solace in laughter and music. The income generated, though meager, helps us inch closer to self-sufficiency.

However, these efforts aren't enough. We need your compassion, your support. Every contribution, big or small, will make a world of difference. A dollar here, ten dollars there – together, we can weave a safety net for these vulnerable children.

Your generosity will not be forgotten. It will be the seed that helps these children blossom into the strong, hopeful individuals they are meant to be.

Together, let's rewrite their stories, from one of loss to a future filled with light and opportunity.

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Matte Shafic

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