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I am writing on behalf of Hand in Hand climate smart initiative to submit a funding proposal for the introduction of waste bankers and local made incinerators for schools, institutions, and refugee settlements as part of an initiative to combat improper waste disposal, there in addressing the widespread issue of used sanitary pads and dippers. The proposal seeks funding in alignment with the principles of of your organization’s efforts towards providing sustainable solutions to environmental challenges and ensuring the welfare of vulnerable populations under the context of smart climate control strategies and Keep Her in School initiative. 

Initiative over View: The proposed project aims to address the pressing issue of mismanaged waste, especially focusing on hazardous waste streams such as used sanitary pads and dippers. Such waste products, if not disposed of correctly, pose severe health and environmental hazards in various susceptible areas such as schools, institutions and refugee settlement.

Our project intends to implement sustainable and proper waste management infrastructure in identified key locations to mitigate associated risks successfully.


1. To establish waste bankers and region –specific, locally made incinerators to provide a safe disposal platform for problematic waste products.

2. To have collection points of segregated waste , leading to easier recycling and reuse of materials 

3. The incinerators built will provide a safe and efficient method for disposing of non-recyclable waste, mitigating the environmental impact of landfill waste. 

4. To provide education and training on waste management practices to students, staff, and community members. This will help to instil a culture of sustainability and good waste management practices in the community, ensuring the long term success and impact of the project.


5. Women, Men, Elderly, Youth, Children and others view Municipal Solid Waste differently for example women are more involved in several activities not limited to cleaning, food preparation, family health, laundry, and domestic maintenance. Therefore, it is very important to create gender-based community service delivery groups as a business model approach most especially in densely populated areas to among others; 

6. Sorting waste between four categories i.e.  

a. All glass and Electronic waste can be collected and stored in a dry storage for data collection and eventual transfer to a strategic sorting area for glass recycling in partnership with the National Enterprise Corporation’s Electronic Recycling Plant 

b. Recyclable or reusable materials can be recycled right within generation jurisdiction or traded/ donated and exported for reuse and recycling  

c. The organic and Biodegradable materials including food, garden, wood, and yard and related others can be collected separately for reuse options and eventual Composting within generation jurisdiction.  

d. Diapers, Menstrual pads, Medical materials, worn out/ contaminated textiles, non-recyclable plastics, all contaminated recyclable plastics, paper and wood materials are infectious and Hazardous materials which can be incinerated within generation jurisdiction to recover Glass and Metals for recycling, and Incinerator Ashes be exported to National Enterprise Corporation for landfilling  

e. Color coding of waste collection sacks, bags, buckets and bins can promote sorting the above categories for example Glass and Electronics in Brown (boxes), Recyclables in Black, and Organics in Green and the Hazardous in Red. 

7. All jurisdictions with landfilled solid waste can excavate it in efforts to restore lands. 

Restoration of Kibati Compost Plant can start in tandem with introduction of municipal solid waste sorting in Mbarara City. Due to collection of mixed wastes and dumping at Kibati compost site, there is accumulated non-recyclable plastics, textiles etc. mixed with decomposing matter.  

For restoration purposes, all inert materials can be removed and incinerated. For example, the new Mirembe Furnace standard unit can destroy 200kg of inert materials every day and in partnership with Mbarara City Council the technology can be incorporated in a facilitated land restoration action programme to remove all inert materials in the Compost Plant, incinerate the materials and transfer the Ashes for landfilling at National Enterprise Corporation in Nakasongola.  


The World Environment Day 5th June 2024 is a month away and this year’s national celebrations will be held in Sironko District. The national theme for WED 2024 is “LAND RESTORATION FOR CLIMATE RESILIENCE. The theme calls for action to restore lands for adaption to climate change, wealth creation and sustainable social-economic transformation.  

Therefore , the Hand in hand climate smart initiative Project is embarking on mass production of the new Mirembe Furnace standard unit and for all able stakeholders in Mbarara City and Uganda at large to own and operate a jurisdictional technology which enables regular destruction of Hazardous waste materials and can be used to restore their plastic-polluted lands. 

The new Mirembe Furnace standard unit is designed with an insulation material, two (2) chambers, for batch loaded wastes in primary chamber to be fired by Liquefied Petroleum Gas, fumes to go through the secondary chamber and a partially visible pipe leads the gases bottom-up to a double filtration system which ensures that the chimney emissions are not harmful to humanity. The standard unit is supplied with an LPG Cylinder, Regulator, Lighter and Plumbing materials.                                       In order to bring this project to fruition, we are reaching out to request funding .We believe that your organizations support will have a significant impact on the success of this project and its ability to create a smarter climate environment.

Attached is a detailed budget outlining the costs associated with the construction of waste banks and incinerators, as well as the implementation of educational programs and trainings. We have also included a sustainable plan for the ongoing management and maintenance of the waste banks and incinerators to ensure their continued success.

We look forward to discussing this proposal further with you and are excited about the potential for our project to make a positive impact in our community and contribute to a smarter climate environment 

Thank you for considering our proposal. We hope to hear from you soon




Project director Hand in hand climate smart initiative

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