Pig rearing and marketing

support windows and orphans pig rearing and marketing to reduce poverty and empowerment

Pig rearing and marketing


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Kule Noah
Kule Noah

The African ark primary school is requesting funding to set a pig farming in help of 350 orphans and widows (including widows and very young mothers). Each woman will receive one female and return 2 pigs to the school to allow the extension of the project to new beneficiaries. After training, the school will provide veterinary treatment. Different marketing strategies have been planned in the face of increasing demand. The proposed project will support orphans and widows in rural areas in Kasese Uganda. The project will support widows and orphans to improve economic empowerment for their lives in rural areas. The project will cause employment to 350 women and orphans in rural areas hence reduce poverty from from 100% to 40% in remote areas. The cost of 70,000,000 will include purchase of pigs,training of widows and orphan in pig rearing,veterinary services and feeds.

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